In a dynamic area characterised by drowned villages, wind turbines, rectilinear fields and meandering marches through nature, agriculture and (offshore) industry, Bierumer School offers artists space for production and presentation. Bierumer School is focused on experiment and development, where art asks questions and is not always looking for answers. A place for the imagination of the not immediately definable. An open and active refuge for artists of all disciplines.

The artist-in-residence program consist a work period of 2 months. Bierumer School will be open every Friday and Saturday so that the work process can be followed by the public. In the 2nd month we expect a work presentation in progress. Each work period concludes with a final presentation and artist talk.

The studio is a former classroom of 64 square metres. The presentation areas consist of another former classroom of 64 square metres at the front of the building and an (dark) attic of 500 square metres. Behind the building is a schoolyard that can be used, as well as a lawn in front.

There is a private living studio consisting of one room on first floor. This room has a kitchenette and also functions as a living room and bedroom. The shower and the toilet are on the ground floor.

Bierumer School is part of Noordenaars, a platform for presentation institutions and art initiatives in the Northern Netherlands. Noordenaars consists, among others, of Academie Minerva, Kunsthuis SYB, Media Art Friesland, Noorderlicht, SIGN and VHDG. Noordenaars stand for experiment, development of talent and the production of new art, and are responsible, among other things, for the Artist in Space programme. This is an experimental talent program developed and implemented by the members of Noordenaars. These 12 art institutes from the North of the Netherlands work together and create new opportunities for talent within the visual arts.

See also TransArtists for more information about our residence program.